#11987 E | Jack D. Putnam Stone Sheep Bronze Scuplture - Art Carving

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Item #11987 For Sale Jack D. Putnam Stone Sheep Bronze For Sale Derek's Pick-of-the-Month! Grade: Excellent Common Name: Stone Sheep Latin Binomial Name:
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General Information
This is a great Jack D. Putnam Stone Sheep Bronze. This is an outstanding sculpture from the renown artist and taxidermist. This miniature bronze measures 4"x4"x6" and comes on a small wood base for display.
The inscription on this bronze reads: Jack D. Putnam Copyright 1976.
Perfect for the mantle, table, counter top, shelf, ledge, nook, etc...
Additional information
Unique Item Specific Information
Natural Origin (Region): North America Taxonomy: Product Type: Taxidermy Mount Type: Taxidermy Mount Pose Style: Turn Direction (Viewer's Perspective): Position & Placement: Table • Mantle • Shelf Display Enhancement: Horn / Antler / Skull Type: Skin / Fur / Rug Type: Rug Border: Appearance - Color(s): Bronze
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Maximum overall dimensions of this item as seen in the pictures:*
Use these measurements to determine if the item will fit in the space you intend to display it ~
Maximum Length: Maximum Depth: 4" Maximum Height: 4" Maximum Width: 6" Maximum Weight: 1 lbs
Overall Dimensions are accurate to (+/-) 1"
The Taxidermy Store's GSC Card Included with this item(Grade & Specifications Certificate)
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Grades are assigned to each item based on our 40+ years of experience in the taxidermy industry. From serious world class specimen collectors to first time buyers, we can help you find just the right item to meet your needs!
We grade each item based on its collective overall characteristics, including the following: horn/antler size, hair condition, skin integrity, coloration and size. Taxidermy criteria studied includes: anatomical accuracy, expression & pose, components used in fabrication, preservation methods and overall taxidermy quality. Each category, when present, is carefully considered before a grade is assigned and recorded on the items individualGrade & Specifications Certificate (GSC). World Class ™
In order to achieve this prestigious ranking, the item listed must pass inspection as the finest example of it’s type. Virtually no imperfections will be seen in this category.
Taxidermy quality will be world-class / museum ready.
All attributes will be of exceptional quality & world-class when applicable.
Estimate: 3% of Taxidermy items qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: The World Class category is set aside for the serious collector or decorator who require the highest tier of products available. World Class items can stand alone as a centerpiece in any museum exhibit or taxidermy showcase. Choose this category when you require nothing less, than quite literally, the best of the best.
Premier ™
Items listed in the Premier category are some of the highest quality products available in the market. The Premier ranking demands paramount quality with only the slightest naturally occurring imperfections tolerated.
Taxidermy quality is Premier, showing fine detail in craftsmanship.
All attributes will be of superior quality & trophy-class when applicable.
Estimate: 7% of Taxidermy items qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: This category is ideal for the refined collector or decorator looking for a top quality premium item that is sure to be the centerpiece of any room or collection. Our most fastidious collectors often build their collections with items ranked Premier or higher.
Excellent ™
Items listed in this category are sure to meet or surpass the quality of common products found in the popular market. Typically only small, natural imperfections like scars or blemishes will be tolerated in this category.
Taxidermy quality is Excellent with great attention to detail.
All attributes will be of fine quality & above average for the species/type.
Estimate: 30% of Taxidermy items qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: This category is ideal for the collector or decorator looking for a high quality item without the premium price tag. This is one of our most popular categories and comes with our highest recommendation for the typical decorator or collector.
Nice ™
Items ranked in this category are some of the most common items found in the market. These products will display good quality with a just a few imperfections, scars or range marks.
Taxidermy quality is average and common throughout the marketplace.
All attributes will be of standard quality and average size.
Estimate: 30% of Taxidermy items qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: This category is ideal for the collector or decorator looking for one of the best quality-to-price ratios we offer. Choose this category (or higher) for your weekend cabin, restaurant, man-cave or business. This is one of our most popular categories.
Fair ™
If ranked in this category, the item may have several naturally occurring flaws and/or imperfections, but still maintains good overall integrity and craftsmanship.
Taxidermy quality is below average, but still maintains integrity.
Attributes may be lower-grade and/or below average in size or quality.
Estimate: 15% of Taxidermy items qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: This category is ideal for the collector or decorator looking for the best possible price while still getting a fair overall quality mount. The fair grade ranking should not deter any collector or decorator from a one-of-a-kind piece.
Vintage ™
To be ranked in this category the item will have a vintage styling. Vintage items should not be assumed as poor, as these items may have previously been higher in quality. Components used in fabrication will also be of vintage or retro style.
Taxidermy work is vintage or retro styled and varies in overall appearance.
Attributes may vary greatly in size, shape and color in this category.
Estimate: 15% of Taxidermy items qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: The vintage classification usually refers to the products age, not necessarily its quality. These pieces are ideal for the vintage collector with an eye for a unique or one-of-a-kind piece. The classic look and retro appearance of vintage items have made this category increasingly popular among our clients.
Poor ™
Items graded under this ranking will have visible flaws such as discoloration, scarring, tearing and/or poor taxidermy quality. Though not all these categories are guaranteed to be flawed, items ranked as poor will be on the lower end of products available on the market, and for this reason, will have the lowest price point.
Taxidermy quality may be inferior or substandard.
Some attributes will most likely be damaged, broken, or missing.
Estimate: Items with severe flaws or damage qualify to receive this ranking.
Recommendation: This category is ideal only for the buyer who, for example, intend to hang the item on the outside of a cabin or similar structure where snow, rain and sun will take their toll and further degrade the item over time, making the purchase of a higher quality mount unnecessary.
The Classic Grade with decorative accents
Classic ™
The “Classic” grade is unique to all the other grades in our system because it includes multiple qualifiers. First, the mount must be of great quality, and will most often grade in the Nice, or Excellent grade category. Second, the item will feature custom-made scenery, such as a border/frame or setting artistically enhanced by several traditional visual accents.
Items with the Classic grade will most often include a mount of Nice or Excellent quality.
Items including extensive, custom-made bucolic accents will receive this grade.
Recommendation: This category is perfect for the buyer who is looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that features old-fashioned flavor, hunting and fishing accessories, or represents something timeless, and traditionally found in a setting like a cabin or hunting lodge.
Plus & Star Designations
Plus + ™
To be awarded a Plus designation, the item must be at the top end of its grading tier. Items receiving a plus offer an exceptional value without paying the next grade level price. The following grades are eligible to receive the plus designation: Premier, Excellent, Nice, Fair and Vintage. Poor and World Class are not eligible to receive the plus designation.
Each item receiving a plus will be at the upper portion of the grade.
Estimate: the top 25% of each category receives the plus designation.
Recommendation: Look for plus grades if you would like the best possible mount without paying the next tier level price.
Star ✭ ™
To be awarded a Star designation, the item needs to be exceptional and/or unique. Only items graded Excellent, Premier and World Class are eligible to receive the Star addition to their Grade. Examples of attributes eligible to receive the Star designation may include: a rare color or blend of hair colors, a unique horn or antler shape/size or an item that has an overall exceptional appearance/attribute that can’t be reflected by its grade alone. Pricing will vary for Star Graded items on a per item basis.
The Star designation is given to items with exceptional overall appearances.
Estimate: few items will meet the demanding criteria necessary to earn a star.
Recommendation: Look for Star designations to find the most unique and exceptional products we currently have to offer.
This rating system and the corresponding rating given to each taxidermy item is based solely on the discretion of The Taxidermy Store. The rating system has been put in place to help our clients better understand and choose the right item for their particular need(s). This rating system is based on our extensive knowledge with 40+ years spent in the taxidermy industry and is fully backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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Ethically Acquired Products: The Taxidermy Store does not raise or harvest animals for the purpose of resale. Alternatively, items are acquired from a variety of places including: zoos or farms that regularly have animals decease from natural causes, museums, estates, industry surplus and collections in which the item may have already gone through part or all of the taxidermy process. All items receiving our Ethically Acquired Product Guaranty are abundant, sustainable and/or have already been preserved. The items we sell are inspected, conditioned, cleaned, repaired and/or restored if needed to bring them to their optimal condition. They are then assessed and given a quality rating before being sold. Other decor style products offered in our store that receive our Ethically Acquired Product Guaranty have not been obtained in a manner that endangers sustainability of any resource used in their final product or manufacturing process. Peace of mind knowing that an item receives our Ethically Acquired Product Guaranty will benefit a variety of entities such as: Colleges, Schools, Museums, Nature Centers, Educational Facilities, Businesses, Resorts, Restaurants, Galleries and Movie Sets to name just a few! 
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